Sometimes I also like to look Up :)


The Sky Wizards ❤ … that is how I would called them … It was incredible performance, for me everything was just perfect … have you ever heard about what “The Secret” is ??? Because for me this was just it definition … do you have days that everything works perfect with eachother ??? People, situations, time of action 😉 the weather & my lovely Wizards, all together one great COHESION … Simply LOVE days like this ❤

Dope… or not ???

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This lovely picture I took while doing session on communion day of one lovely girl … her name was Lena … the weather was very fussy 😉 but we did not gave up, one thing I was very happy that restaurant they had a lunch was right beside Botanical Garden… Magic place by the way … 🙂 so while we were walking to find nice, full of flowers and perfect background, I was also taking shots of what surround me at the moment… So this is one of the most beautiful things I came across there… by the way I am passionate and Studie Interior Design so all about colours … light … textures & patterns is my thing hehe 🙂


In search of fairies…:)

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Macro Photography is my hobby … love to go down and look for some Magic 🙂 … I know it might sound like Im bit childish, but honestly I love my inner child that most people forget about … Well I dont ❤ and I do enjoy every moment even if some times is a lazy day … but then I have some time to read or watch and learn some interesting facts … yay its so exciting when you do stop … take a dip breath … look and simply enjoy what every day has to offer ❤ anyway here it is shot from recent trip … Boys went fishing and I went hunting for Fairies … ❤ hehe