Time goes by fast, but we can’t get crazy because of it … we all need a time to relax so we can be grateful for what we have … so take it easy and enjoy your life as much as you can 🙂 that is my advise 🙂 … slow down from time to time ❤


Dogs World


Love !!! … who else than a dog know best what love is … I remember I read a short story where a child explained to adults loss of his friend dog, he said that dogs live shorter than humans because dogs understand what true love is and that is why they go to heaven so fast … what I am trying to say is the fact we should try and love more … and that little beauty on the picture is one big love giver … she loves to play, and be around people .. she is happy to see everyone she meet … and that she would never ever hurt anyone … SO LETS AND LOVE LIKE DOG !!!! ❤ Unconditionally … Passionately … TRULY 🙂

5th Element …


We are just an episode to our Planet and the Universe … don’t you agree with me ??? this picture represent the power of Mother Nature … we should be more respectful to her … she is very kind to us but our species not so much & you have to agree with me on that !!! how about you wake up tomorrow and first fall in Love with the Nature & do something in return … Be Kind & Do Good ❤